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Ask win

Jun 30, 2016

On Win's Women of Wisdom today, Best-Selling Author, Win Kelly Charles welcomes JillPrescott. Jill’s passion is helping people fall deeply in Love with Themselves so they remember just how powerful and incredible they are. Jill believe that we hold within us all the answers to life’s most challenging questions: Who am I? Why am I here? How the hell do I get out of the mess I’m in? Where’s my prince/princess charming? What is the meaning of life? Here’s the kicker: The answers to those questions are different for everyone! So if you’re getting answers from anywhere but your own heart it’s like trying to fit a square peg into a round hole. Together, we dig deep and clear out all the clutter that’s in the way of your personal box of wisdom. And by clutter Jill mean all the old beliefs, habits and patterns that have you stuck on pause. Getting rid of that stuff leaves you space to create new actions and practices that will have you dancing through life, able to handle anything it throws at you with clarity and love. Before Jill become a Love Goddess and started teaching people how to fall in Love with themselves, she spent 20 years in the automotive industry helping others decide how to handle the second largest purchase most will make in their lifetimes. Everyday Jill sat with people just like you, trying to make decisions based on their past experiences and pain. And although it is a very different industry, that pain is the same. Jill helped them go from fear and anxiety when they walked in her office to excitement and pride when they left. It was great experience but when Jill found herself spending more time helping them with their relationships than their vehicle purchase Jillknew it was time to make her exit! We all have a past, often times laced with experience we’d rather not have had to go through. Some of it we’re proud of and some we’d rather erase. ForJill a few of those things were childhood abuse, several miscarriages and a couple broken marriages. And for a long time Jill allowed those things to define her. Jill considered herself a survivor at best. And then one day Jill got the shake up of her life (you can ask me about that during your free Discovery call) and she was done with surviving. Jill wanted to live her life full on. Jill walked away from the auto industry, became a Clinical Hypnotherapist, which lead to several other certifications and she have never looked back. And Jill is deeply committed to you experiencing the freedom and love for life she have. Jill want you to see the gold in your challenges, just like she did. Jill want you to trust your intuition and seek your own council, knowing yourself as powerful and capable. To learn more about Jill visit To learn more about Win Kelly Charles visit To send feedback to Win, email her To be on the show please fill out the intake at To look at our sponsorships go to To learn about the magic of Siri go to Thanks, Danielle Coulter Owner of Dan Can Shred Author of If Dan Can Shed, You Can Too: Dream it; Live it!, and The Adventures Zoe Book Series Don't forget to leave reviews on Amazon for my books. Executive Assistant/CO-Owner of Win Charles Inc. Ambassador of Win's Women of Wisdom "Take a minute today to inspire someone See people for who we are"