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Ask win

Feb 24, 2016

On Win's Women of Wisdom today, Best-Selling Author, Win Kelly Charles welcomes John Lewis. Through these working relationships additional career accelerating case work emerged and blossomed. Fast forward thousands of lesson hours into the future, Professorjohn’s talent continued to enjoy a surreal and mythological life as an exercise expert and multi-platform entrepreneur – operating both a 54,000 sqft LA Fitness franchise as well as his own 2400 sqft fitness studio in Scottsdale Az. It was in this setting that his super teaching approach catapulted him into a new galaxy notoriety and acclaim – managing, mentoring and motivating over 30 fitness instructors to become super stars in their own right. Professorjohn has been an Instructor Pro tem for the Maricopa Community college system where he was its interim faculty educator as well as the curriculum writer for its student text book– The Business of Personal Training - The running list of Professorjohns accomplishments and sustainability in the fitness field is without question a testament to his workethic and quantum talent which cannot be understated. Having semi- retired in 2008 during the economic down turn he transitioned once again by devoting his down time to authorship, collecting investment grade exotic butterflies, staying physically fit of course and mastering word press. From soccer moms, adolescents, and teens to professionals from all walks of life, top level athletes, and throughout the entire strata of todays’ modern working class – who in some degree were all suffering from the ravages of unwanted body fat – found Professorjohns Motorskill Method a superior fitness regimen many prepaid in advance of availability 5 lessons deep to receive. Such demand helped mold, build and bullet proof Professorjohns super teaching approach. Now with a return to his fitness roots, this fitness e-learning course and several existing marvels in the pipeline to follow; an even greater number of individuals just like you can now engage, learn and actually win the war with your waistline. This E-learning compilation represents the true mastery behind Professorjohn’s algorithmic level of expertise and integrative real world science. To that end, Professorjohn endeavors to fix your encumbered space suit, to evolve further as your very own personal training Picasso and to help you unleash indomitable life force. Get Ur Skinny Find Ur Awesome with Professorjohn. To learn moe about John visit To learn more about your host visit To learn more about the show visit To send feedback to Win, email her at To be on the show please fill out the intake at To learn about the magic of Siri go to Be sure to FOLLOW this program