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Ask win

Oct 30, 2016

Lisa’s a transformational Life & Nutrition Coach who understands that it’s not the systems, the doing, the food, the exercise, the degree’s, the achievements or the lack of trying that holds women back from feeling fulfilled and successful in their lives, businesses or bodies, it’s their lack of connection to how they’re feeling inside.

For over a decade now she's been helping women connect to the parts of themselves they’ve been unable to acknowledge and leads them to emotional freedom, helps them drop self judgement and step into who they really are.

Whether she’s working with high performing female business coaches and entrepreneurs or women who’ve been struggling with making peace with food and their bodies after a lifetime of dieting, the result of her coaching is the same; to deeply connect her clients to their emotions, and free them from self judgment, allowing them to have the things in life they desire.

Her coaching is infused with story telling, insight and inspiration guiding her clients away from using food, busy or overachievement as a way of disconnecting from the life they want to be living.     She’s also the creator of multiple on line programs including E.A.T! her signature weight loss & nutrition classroom where she supports women from around the globe as they learn to work with food and their bodies so they can ditch dieting and find food and body freedom.   She’s a sought after speaker, podcaster and respected coach and educator but the role she’s most proud of is being a mom to her tribe of 3 boys.