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Ask win

Jun 30, 2016

On Win's Women of Wisdom today, Best-Selling Author, Win Kelly Charles welcomes LoriHarder. Lori grew up in the tiny town of Marquette, Michigan. Lori was an overweight kid in an overweight family. “Bad genetics,” She was told, which is easy to believe when it’s all you ever hear. The kids in elementary teased Lori about her weight and her religion, which turned her into a little girl with anxiety and full-on panic attacks. Lori was homeschooled in high school, and her family’s religion did not allow for sports or extra curriculars. Lori’s teen years focused on dieting, exercising, binge eating, and becoming totally obsessed with body image. Lori sure learned how to self-sabotage, but she knew if she didn’t do something big, then Lori would end up locked in a padded room. One day Lori was watching a fitness competition on TV where strong, beautiful women displayed superhero-like acts on stage. Whoa. Lori’s world screeched to a halt. Lori wanted to be just like these women, and she wanted to provoke powerful, positive feelings for others just like these women were doing for her. From that day on, Lori had a magnetic pull to the fitness industry. Lori begged her mom to buy Lori every fitness magazine that she could find and all kinds of workouts on VHS (remember those?). The second that Loricould drive, she wanted a gym membership. As Lori shifted her focus to fitness, not only didLori improve her body, but she started to feel amazing. Feeling strong in her body put me in control and lit a fire inside of her soul that got Lori thinking about new possibilities for her life.Lori wanted to show others that, they too, had the power to change, so Lori dedicated the next two decades of her life to educating herself on food and fitness. In the last eight years Lori have awakened new curiosities. She have learned a heck of a lot about self-love, business, finding your tribe, empowerment, cleansing your environment, relationships, protecting your energy, becoming resourceful despite your lack of resources, and doing what it takes to just freakin’ go for it. In the last eight years, Lori have had epic failures, disastrous relationships, business ideas that have gone up in flames, heart-wrenching experiences, and soul-crushing criticisms, all of which have caused me to second guess herself and my beliefs. Lori have almost thrown in the towel. But real change can only happen if you never give up. So Lori never did. She chose to keep getting up after life’s beat downs. Lori have trumped talent, had some powerful wins, and some knee-hitting moments of gratitude. Lori have found her truest of relationships and am proudly rocking her million-dollar business. Lori is the CEO of her life. To learn more about Lorivisit To learn more about Win Kelly Charles visit To send feedback to Win, email her To be on the show please fill out the intake at To look at our sponsorships go to To learn about the magic of Siri go to