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Ask win

Apr 22, 2021

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On Ask Win today (Tuesday, September 22, 2020), Best-Selling Author, Win C welcomes Damon Burton. Damon making a difference in his community. Not only does Burton bring an easy-to-follow approach to increasing your revenue and online visibility, he’s a trusted educator on the subject and has literally written the book on how to “Outrank” your competition.  His new book Outrank serves as a guide to those who want to dominate Google’s search results without paying for ads. Writing Outrank, Damon hopes to motivate business owners and educate them on search engine marketing while weaving real-life inspiring stories from his two decades of experience online.  “Whether you are a beginner or an expert, when you read through the whole book, I am confident that you will walk away with new perspectives on how to increase your website’s traffic through search engine optimization,” he said.  As the economy shifts to digital, his expertise is more important than ever in helping businesses thrive. To learn more about Damon visit