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Ask win

Jun 24, 2021

A Winning Cup: Please donate to Ask Win by going to Payment Venmo Win1195 at Win Kelly Charles’ Books: Win Kelly Charles' MONAT:


On A Winning Cup  today (Tuesday, June 8, 2021), Best-Selling Author, Win C welcomes Christine McAlister. Christine is passionate about helping high-achieving coaches + marketers create more impact + income  + attract their next clients with the power of their stories, using leveraged organic strategies like podcast guesting. She's generated well over 6 figures as a podcast guest, and has been recognized as the best in the world at podcast guesting by 7-figure founders like John Lee Dumas, Dana Wilde, and Andrew Kroeze, and has ​been featured in Inc., Business Insider, Bustle, and The Huffington Post and on over 100 podcasts, including twice on Entrepreneurs on Fire. To learn more about Christine visit