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Ask win

Dec 18, 2022

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On Ask Win today (Thursday, December 15, 2022), Best-Selling Author, Win C welcomes Jodi Kay Benusa. As a Social Worker and seasoned Inpatient Discharge Planner at a Level II inpatient setting for over 15 years, combined with Certifications in Social Work, Care Management, and Advanced Steps of Advanced Care Planning Facilitation, Jodi Kay has over two years of experience working with residents and families in the nursing home setting. She has a well-defined skill set and superior knowledge to creatively assist you in planning the future of your loved one--specifically with what next steps are right. Jodi Kay tactically created Midwest Geriatric Consulting Servies, LLC as a consumer navigational system for those in need of help when it comes to planning the future of the aged. She works hard to preserve the rights of aging adults so they can live their best life through the toughest times. MGCS, LLC serves the aged with true respect, highest honor, and genuine compassion because here, Jodi Kay believes every client is the most important person in the world! To learn more about Jodi visit Jodi’s first interview on Ask Win: