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Ask win

Mar 31, 2018

Ask Win is a podcast where you are a VIP. Win wants to focus and teach people more and Cerebral Palsy. You’re welcome to ask questions about anything that you want. CP questions but mainly life questions on how to deal with CP or not. Win can ask you base questions if you want. Please let us know or there will be no base questions. If you have any questions for Win please email her at In 2018 let be open and honest on Ask Win. To learn more about Ask Win visit  Be sure to FOLLOW this program To learn how Win walk and about Ekso go to, or email Amanda Boxtel at


On Ask Win today (Thursday, March 29, 2018), Best-Selling Author, Win C welcomes Eileen Doyon. The loss of family members early in Eileen’s life has been extremely difficult, and most recent, Eileen lost her dad to lung cancer and was with him until the end. Eileen have been trying to figure out how to deal with death due to it being so much a part of her life. Most people will deal with loss at some point in their lifetime. The past years have been depressing, complicated, and dark. In receiving two treasures, Eileen’s dad's dog tags, and her grandmother's chandelier, it meant so much to Eileen, her attitude, and her outlook on her own life. Eileen felt their presence and their love all around her. Eileen knew that others in her situation had to feel the same way. If so, Eileen wanted to help. So that became Eileen’s help others talk about their loved ones who have passed and to tell their stories of their own personal keepsakes. Our military is very precious to Eileen. We owe so much to our veterans that have served and protected our country. So this became Eileen’s theme of her second book. People were so excited, emotional, happy, and sad all in one, but it was all good. We laughed and cried talking about memories and stories of loved ones. Sometimes, those feeling are buried deep down due to the crazy hectic lives we all live, and sometimes it just hurts too much to think or talk about. Everyone's comments were so supportive and positive. It really became a healing to all and made people feel good. Eileen’s heart aches each and every day and sometimes she just want to scream, Eileen miss her dad so very much. It tears her heart wide open. Eileen cannot change that but often think “if only I could”....sometimes her days are dark and painful but we move on carrying the weight. Eileen’s book series is her outlet. If Eileen can direct her pain to help others, then that is a great thing, for pain is a gift. Each of Eileen’s book themes help people heal and inspire others. For in the end, that is what life is all about....being a light for others..... So, in this hectic sometimes painful life, Eileen have decided to run a series of books titled "Unforgettable Faces and Stories". This give everyday people like you and Eileen, an opportunity to write YOUR story told by YOU and share with others! We are creating a community and starting a movement of Readers and Storytellers to heal and inspire. Come along and join us!  Eileen Doyon grew up in the small town of Fort Edward in upstate New York. She left there in 1978 and now lives in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. She enjoys gardening and traveling on her motorcycle visiting new places, familiar places, and meeting new friends. She is a member of Pease Greeters in Portsmouth. Eileen Doyon’s series is Unforgettable Faces and Stories. She has released six books, Dedications: Dads and Daughters/2013, Keepsakes; Treasures from the Heart/2013, Best Friends: Forever and Ever/2013, Pet Tales: Unconditional Love/2014 listed on Amazons Best Sellers list, Letters To Heaven/2015, also listed on Amazons Best Sellers list, and most recent, The Second My Life Changed Forever. Please visit her website and join her Facebook page Unforgettable Faces And Stories and follow her on Twitter @FacesandStories To learn more about Win Kelly Charles visit To follow Win on Twitter go to @winkellycharles. To follow Win on Instagram go to winkcharles. To follow Win on Snapchat go to Wcharles422. To follow Win on Snapchat go to Wcharles422. To see Win's art go to Interview with Mel Marton: "Books for Books," you buy Win's books so she can purchase books for school. "Getting through school is a 'win' for her fans and a 'win' for her." Win is a professional writer and in 2018 she is going to get a new MacBook to write her books and do the podcast. With every book she sells and the donations from Ask Win will go to her new MacBook. Please support her in getting her new MacBook. Win Kelly Charles’ book “She is CP” will get to the New York Times somehow and to help her either by voting or send her good vibe. Please vote at Please send feedback to Win by email her at, or go to and To be on the show please fill out the intake at Ask Win is sponsor by The Teeki Ambassador Program: Superwomen Secrets Revealed: Successful Women Talk About Fitting in Fitness and Dare You to Join Them on Amazon :) I have a Facebook page for the book Instagram and book page on the website: If you want to check out what Win’s friend, Dannidoll, is doing (a.k.a. Dannielle) go to To learn more about Danielle visit For iOS 11 update: To learn about the magic of Siri go to If you want to donate Ask Win, please send a PayPal donation to or Please donate to the Bridging Bionics Foundation. Please send a check in the mail so 100% goes to Bridging Bionics Foundation. 


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