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Ask win

Mar 23, 2021

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On Ask Win today (Saturday, September 5, 2020), Best-Sellinng Author, Win C welcomes Ferne Eliz King. Ferne help people and businesses fulfil your potential, reach your goals and actualise your aspirations. Ferne’s passion is helping you transform anything in your operating model or life journey to achieve your goals.Imagine a world where more people reached their goals and aspirations, more businesses realised meaningful experiences for employees and customers. The world would be full of magnificent experiences, for so many people. Ferne is a globally recognized transformation consultant with over 30 years of successes and failures. Ferne have managed over $2.5Billion worth of transformation change programs. Ferne have been mentored by globally renowned leaders whose insights have inspired her. Ferne continue to live the life Ferne love but instead of delivering her services to an individual executive team in a handful of businesses Ferne now take those services on line doing what Ferne have always done just in a different way. By applying Ferne’s recipe of successful transformation that has been created from significant global experience, an A class network of thought leaders and diverse experience of life and deep understanding of all facets of an operating model it is a sure way to ignite change and achieve aspirations. Rejig your focus to achieve your goals. Ferne is a globally recognised management transformation consultant and Ferne use the methods, questions, and tools acquired over her 30+ year career to partner with you. Ferne will help you with innovative transformation techniques to create your own hacks to form your own version of this recipe to realise your goals.  Then repeatedly achieve more and more goals - at pace. What are the consequences of NOT realizing your dreams, goals and aspirations? To learn more about Ferne visit