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Ask win

Jan 28, 2016

On Win's Women of Wisdom today, Best-Selling Author, Win Kelly Charles welcomes Jory Micah. Jory a dreamer. Years ago Jory had a dream that she believe was from God, but she did not fully understand it until she began this blog in 2014. Jory is working on her first book right now and she will share all the details of this dream in the first chapter, but what she want you to know is that if you are a woman who has felt limited or oppressed by the Christian Church in anyway, YOU were in my dream and there is freedom for you. There is something deeply profound happening in the spiritual realm at this very moment. It is difficult to see because of how the Church has wounded our souls as women and men, but we must remember that we wage not against flesh and blood, but against the enemy of the unseen world. The body of Christ will thrive as daughters and sons of God once again, fully equal in both worth & authority, but we must be brave enough to buck against a broken system. God is forming an army of both women and men who are no longer blind and see clearly the damage that patriarchy has caused the body of Christ. Most of us are not typical soldiers, we tremble in fear, we are weary from past battles, doubt our own intelligence and abilities; however, this is precisely why God has chosen us to fight and we can rest assured that we will win this battle. God always chooses people who others deem as foolish to confound the wise and small soldiers to take down massive giants. No doubt, patriarchy in the Christian Church is a beast and won’t go down easily, but if God is for us who can be against us? Jory wholeheartedly believe that the Bible is the written Word of God and should hold the final authority in every Christian’s life, but she believe many humans have misinterpreted the message of the Bible concerning women. As author Carolyn Custis James puts it, “Patriarchy is not the Bible’s message. Patriarchy is the backdrop to the Bible’s message.” Patriarchy is a result of the fall of mankind (Genesis 3:16) and Jesus came to earth to set us free from the consequences of the fall. Jory’s top mission is to help women shake off the chains of limitation and the shackles of oppression that the Christian Church has wrapped around them in the name of the Bible and stale religion. Her goal is to see women universally embraced as church leaders – elders, lead-pastors, evangelists, Bible-teachers, apostles, worship leaders, and every leadership position that both lay women and ordained ministers can dream up with God. Jory is also advocating for women to be given equal authority in their homes, as she believe Christ promoted gender equality. Essentially, Jory is campaigning for Christian women to be given “equal opportunity” to lead in the Church and the home, as sh believe this is the Will of God and what the Bible teaches when read in proper context. When Jory is not smashing patriarchy, she also enjoy writing Christian responses to current events, advocating for social justice and inspiring people to know Jesus more deeply.  As a part of Jory’s ministry here online, she want to give a variety of Christian women and men a platform. She want to make it clear, however, that she do not necessarily agree with all of their stances on Scripture and Christian Ethics. Jory do respect their opinions and feel we can gain insight from those who may differ from ourselves. Jory is always leery of listing personal achievements, but her mom has told her that she must. Jory was named as one of the top 10 female bloggers by the 5th highest ranking blog in the Christian industry, “Beyond Evangelical” – the personal blog of Frank Viola. To learn more about Jory vist To learn more about your host visit To learn more about the show visit To be on the show please fill out the intake at Be sure to FOLLOW this program