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Ask win

Nov 30, 2015

On Win's Women of Wisdom today, Best-Selling Author, Win Kelly Charles welcomes Dr. Karen Litzy. Karen graduated with her MS in Physical Therapy from Misericordia University in 1997 and then graduated with a Doctorate in Physical Therapy in December of 2014 from Misericordia. She is currently the owner of Karen Litzy Physical Therapy, PLLC, a concierge physical therapy practice in New York City. She sees clients in their home, gym or office vs a traditional PT outpatient clinic. Aside from physical therapy clients she also sees clients for wellness training and individual softball coaching. Dr. Litzy as consults with physical therapy colleagues on how to start and maintain a successful cash based physical therapy practice. Karen is the host of the weekly podcast Healthy Wealthy & Smart where she interviews thought leaders in the world of physical therapy as well as other aspects of health and wellness. To learn more about Karen visit To learn more about your host and the show visit Be sure to FOLLOW this program