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Ask win

Jul 28, 2016

On Butterflies of Wisdom today, Best-Selling Author, Win Kelly Charles welcomes Marc Mawhinney. Marc help coaches get more clients and build stronger coaching businesses - he has a passion for this because he saw first-hand how difficult it is to do it. Marc hate to see coaches struggling, and made a promise that once he "made it," he would help others do the same!  Since 2014, Marc has been hosting a daily podcast for coaches which shares strategies and valuable advice on how to have more success as a coach.  Marc is also a regular guest on radio and podcast shows and is a contributor to Entrepreneur Magazine's Website ( Becoming successful as a coach is made a lot easier if you have someone who has done it, and has talked with well over 1000 successful coaches (on-air and off-air) to learn their secrets.  Marc is offering free video training that shows coaches how they can get more clients, which can be downloaded at! To find out more about Marc visit To learn more about Win Kelly Charles visit Please send feedback to Win by email her, or go to and To be on the show, please fill out the intake at To look at our sponsorships go to To learn about the magic of Siri go to