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Ask win

Apr 28, 2019

Ask Win is a podcast where you are a VIP. Win wants to focus and teach people more and Cerebral Palsy. You’re welcome to ask questions about anything that you want. CP questions but mainly life questions on how to deal with CP or not. Win can ask you base questions if you want. Please let us know or there will be no base questions. If you have any questions for Win please email her at Please donate to Ask Win by going to Patron Checkout: Simplecast's Brand Ambassador Program: Check out Win's books at To buy Win’s new book, Smile with Dictation, go to I, Win: Check out Danielle's books at Check out Win’s YouTube channel at

On Ask Win today (Saturday, April 27, 2019), Best-Selling Author, Win C welcomes Rose Brookins and Mina Petkova. Rose and Mina met five years ago and have been writing together since day one. Rose comes from Wisconsin while Mina lives across the world in her native Bulgaria, but they have found ways to forge an incredibly strong personal and creative bond. Neither of them set out to become a writer, though Rose spent her childhood making up stories while reading voraciously. Mina became a psychologist and in later years, her interest in the complexities of the human kind transferred into exploring them in fiction. Their first novel, 'Portrait of a Stranger' was self-published last year. To learn more about Rose and Mina visit