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Ask win

Oct 25, 2020

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On Ask Win today (Sunday, October 18, 2020), Best-Selling Author, Win C welcomes Tori Smith. Tori is a SOON TO BE first-time author and fortunate mama-of-two living on the land of the traditional territories of Treaty 7, in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. She has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology from the University of Calgary. She has spent most of her adult life, in some capacity, working with people with special needs – a vocation she has derived great purpose and reward from. She is not an expert nor a professional in the fields of pregnancy, birth or childcare, but rather draws from her own experiences and observations as a parent who leans toward choices that are viewed as unconventional. Some would refer to her as a mythical mom because of her practices in maternity such as home birth, placenta encapsulation, cloth diapering and co-sleeping. Tori argues that these parents not only exist, but they are neither “brave” nor “crazy”, as some would posit. Through this work, she aims to normalize these less popular practices, present them as viable alternatives, and emphasize empowered and informed choice for every new mama. As with all advice, take what serves you and leave the rest. When you read between the lines, you’ll soon see that this book is much more about a mother’s volition than any kind of prescriptive recommendations. If, after reading this book, you go on to have an elective C-section and use disposable diapers, know that you are among a community of mothers who support you and celebrate you equally! To learn more about Tori visit