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Ask win

Sep 23, 2021

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On Ask Win today (Thursday, November 19, 2020), Best-Sellinng Author, Win C welcomes Roula Selinas. Roula is the author of Stronger You Can Overcome and Bounce Back from Adversity, Inspirational speaker and life coach.  Roula’s tenacity is evident in the huge adversity she has faced with cancer, setbacks, and complications, physical and emotional challenges.  In 2007 Roula’s life was turned upside down being diagnosed with leukaemia and 10 years later a secondary cancer from the treatment.  What could have easily broken her made her stronger. Having triumphed in the face of adversities Roula speaks on empowerment to help others achieve their goals.  She shares resilience techniques and transformational tools to help you overcome blocks, challenges and life’s hardest hits and thrive. Roula has spoken at Her story Global Women’s Empowerment conference in Sydney 2019, the Ignite International stage 2018, radio, libraries and other platforms.  She was a finalist at Queensland’s prestigious Arch Williams, Brisbane speaking competition in 2017 and 2018.  She is the administrator for Australia in one the of the largest writer’s global forums Motivational Strips. To learn more about Roula visit